Interdisciplinary Research on Emotions in Neuroscience and Philosophy

animal emotionale I

To a much larger extent than usually assumed, man is an emotional animal. Emotions and feelings are crucially involved in experience of world and self, they motivate or inhibit actions, and they are central ingredients in appraisal processes and in decision-making. Our interdisciplinary research project aims at investigating human emotionality in its interrelatedness with other central features of human nature. Of special interest are the potentials of emotion regulation, the role of emotions in moral judgment and decision-making and, on a yet more general level, a theory of affective intentionality (i.e., the emotion’s and feeling’s constitutive contribution to human experience). Philosophy and neuroscience are thus brought into a fruitful exchange: Philosophical theorizing and concept-formation inform the neuroscientific gathering of data, while insights into the functioning of neural mechanisms provide a robust empirical footing for philosophical concepts and theories.


Research results (in German)

Report about the project (in German, "Impulse für die Wissenschaft 2008 - Aus der Arbeit der VolkswagenStiftung")

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