Interdisciplinary Research on Emotions in Neuroscience and Philosophy



Prof. Dr. Anna Buchheim (Institute of Psychology, Innsbruck, Austria)

Dr. Rachel Cooper (Department of Philosophy, University of Lancaster, UK)

Dr. Giovanna Colombetti (Department of Sociology & Philosophy, University of Exeter, UK)

Prof. Dr. med. Dr. phil. Thomas Fuchs (Psychiatric Department, University of Heidelberg, Germany)

Prof. Dr. Shaun Gallagher (Department of Philosophy, University of Central Florida, USA)

Prof. Dr. Peter Goldie (Department of Philosophy, University of Manchester, UK)

Prof. Dr. Bill Fulford (Department of Philosophy, University of Warwick, UK)

Prof. Dr. Bennett Helm (Philosophy Department, Franklin & Marshall College, USA)

Prof. Dr. Daniel Hutto (Department of Philosophy, University of Hertfordshire, UK)

Prof. Dr. Hilge Landweer (Institute of Philosophy, FU Berlin, Germany)

Dr. Gareth Owen (Institute of Psychiatry, Maudsley Hospital, London, UK)

Prof. Dr. Jennifer Radden (College of Liberal Arts, University of Massachusetts, Boston, USA)

Prof. Dr. Louis Sass (Graduate School of Professional and Applied Psychology, Rutgers University, USA)

Prof. Dr. Giovanni Stanghellini (Post-graduate School of Psychiatry. University of Florence. Italy)

Prof. Dr. Tim Thornton (Institute of Philosophy and Mental Health, University of Central Lancashire, UK)

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