Interdisciplinary Research on Emotions in Neuroscience and Philosophy

Prof. Dr. med. Dr. phil. Henrik Walter

I studied medicine, philosophy and psychology in Marburg, Giessen and Boston (USA) and graduated in medicine as well as philosophy in 1988 at the Justus Liebig University Giessen in Germany. Afterwards, I was trained as a neurologist in Düsseldorf (1989-1992) and as a psychiatrist in Hannover, Krefeld and Bad Schussenried (1994-1997). From 1992-1994, I worked as a research fellow in the Department of Philosophy in Braunschweig and worked with Gerhard Vollmer, focusing on philosophy of mind and philosophy of science.

I wrote two dissertations. One in Medicine (1992) in Experimental Pathophysiology investigating biochemical mechanism of ARDS (Acquired Respiratory Distress Syndrome) and another one in philosophy on "The Neurophilosophy of Free Will" (1997); habilitation for psychiatry in 2003.

From 1998 onwards, I worked for six years as the vice-director at the newly founded Department of Psychiatry in Ulm, where I built up a functional neuroimaging group. In spring 2004, I was research fellow at the Institute of Advanced Studies in Delmenhorst. In December 2004 I became full Professor for Biological Psychiatry at the Johann Wolfgang Goethe-University in Frankfurt, Germany and head of the Laboratory for Neuroimaging and Clinical Neurophysiology with an affiliation at the Brain Imaging Center (BIC) Frankfurt.

Since 2006, I am full Professor and Head of the Department of Medical Psychology (research and teaching) and also doing clinical work as associate medical director at the Department of Psychiatry.

My main motivations for my research are to understand the relationship between Mind and Brain, to investigate how progress in this field might improve the theory and practice of psychiatry and psychotherapy and to think and discuss about the implications of neuroscience on old and deep philosophical questions and our self-understanding.

Since January 2010, Henrik Walter is working at the Charité Berlin.


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